Léa Abaroa lives in the space between realities and fiction, adventures and wanders, the internet and the rest (;*). Xixi (西溪, 'West Creek') is a fairly common hydronym in China.
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Nothing Here But Jungle - Léa Abaroa
nothing here but jungle,
13 two-sided posters folded around a fake-gold chain,

(Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, France)

I walk back at dawn. Time stretches out along the strip. The city is Pierrefitte, petra ficta, 'stone fixed to the ground': more stratum than suburbs.
Nothing Here But Jungle - Léa Abaroa
*Summer 21*

My books will be available throughout the summer in Charleroi, be:

Maxi Kiosque été carbone
July 09 > August 21

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Hot days in Okinawa,
Mao Ishikawa,
Papier Carbone - Léa Abaroa
Reality Of The Landscape - Léa Abaroa Reality Of The Landscape - Léa Abaroa
Reality of the Landscape,
qr code, computer-generated water reflection,

Reality of a mirror that is no mirror.

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*Berlin Access*

interfaces, or those who caress the surface (group show)
june 10 > 14

10829 BERLIN
Miami - Léa Abaroa
computer-generated landscape,
Birds Of Paradise Club (Smartphone View) - Léa Abaroa Bird 3 - Léa Abaroa
Birds of Paradise Club,
Smartphone view,

Bird 3,
Trace of computer-generated bezier curve. The coordinates of the control points randomly evolve over time except for the first and last that stay still.

Far Side Of The Moon - Léa Abaroa
Far Side Of The Moon - Léa Abaroa
Far Side of the Moon,
computer-generated landscapes,
karaoke photobook,

(Chongqing, China)

Photographs from the series Chinese City Dying Flower altered using a computer programme that emulates the effect of a video synthesiser. The brightness data in the original image has been transformed into depth data, giving the photograph an adjustable, three dimensional aspect and rendering the body as a spacial expanse - a landscape.
Far Side Of The Moon (Karaoke Photobook) - Léa Abaroa
Chinese City Dying Flower - Léa Abaroa
Chinese City Dying Flower (Photobook) - Léa Abaroa
Chinese City Dying Flower,

(Chongqing, China)

It’s maybe eleven o’clock at night. A man disappears into a building and she follows. An elevator ride, another floor and another man in a suit. Down the first, long, narrow corridor,
Shape Of His Heart - Léa Abaroa
Shape of his heart,


Romeo with a 'd' like rodeo, your beauty is rougher than the sun. Around us the steel membrane is intimate space expanded. We burn rubber through the city going nowhere and it’s like a scream and the desert dust carpeting the streets floats up as we go past, scratching at our mouths. Going nowhere, we burn through the city.